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Our Story

Rebecca's love for horses was instilled as a child, while being raised on her parents' small pony farm in Ohio. After graduating from nurse's training in Cincinnati, she moved to northern California with her young family.

A later move to Montana allowed Rebecca ample room to raise her family and growing herd of horses. However, with the acquisition of more horses came the need for more tack.

Being forgetful, as children often are, left Rebecca one day searching high and low for her favorite headstall and reins. It wasn't until spring thaw that she found it in the manure pile. It soon became her objective to make her own tack, and teach her children along the way — hoping they'd learn a valuable lesson regarding the importance of caring for their tack.

She obtained her first parachute cord from the nearby U.S Forest Service Smoke Jumper's School, and a copy of Bruce Grant's Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding. Adapting leather braiding techniques to parachute cord, proved to be the answer to her needs. The tack was not only economical to make, but was strong and practically carefree.

She soon began making many tack items, and people who saw her work encouraged her to write a "how-to" book. In 1982, she published The Complete Book of Macra-Tack. Sales continued through six editions, up to the time that it was out of print.

Rebecca's daughter, Cybele, took an interest in braiding at an early age and soon began designing her own tack.

In 1996 Rebecca and Cybele decided to publish an entirely new book, How To Braid Quality Custom Tack. At the urging of their editor, John Oliver Jones, they became a complete source for braiders and U-BRAID-IT Braiding Supply Co. was born.