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Trainer's Lead Kit

Trainer's Lead Kit

Think your trainer has a magic $60.00 rope? Nonsense! Save your hard earned $$$ and start making your own for half the price.*

Includes a free set of our easy to follow Eye Spliced Lead instructions (a $5.00 savings), double braid yacht rope, the revolutionary Selma Rope Splicing Fid and leather popper. 

Buy additional rope and save on all your training needs—from longe lines to mecates.(For reference, it takes approximately 1 foot to create an eyesplice.) *Make an additional 12' lead for as little as $17.50.                                                                                                              


#35-DK-01 -- 1/2"-12 foot length $39.75/Each
#35-DK-02 -- 5/8"-12 foot length $56.41/Each
#35-DK-03 -- 1/2"-14 foot length $42.25/Each
#35-DK-04 -- 5/8"-14 foot length $60.29/Each
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