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3/16" Soft Nylon Diamond Braid

This is the same nylon as our 1/4" soft nylon diamond braid, but in the 3/16" diameter. We use it for our pint size Rope-N-Go pet harnesses, but think it suitable for pocket rope halters or miniature horses and other small animals like goats, as well as show dog leads. We're sure you'll find some use for it!

Rope samples for purchase here.

Sorry halter rope is available by the foot only, not the reel. No returns are allowed on rope sold by the foot. If in doubt, please order samples.

#20-LN -- Neon Orange $0.25/Foot
#21-LN -- Neon Green (color is lighter than the paracord if matching) $0.25/Foot
#22-LN -- Purple $0.25/Foot
#23-LN -- Imperial Red $0.25/Foot
#24-LN -- Royal (out of stock) $0.25/Foot
#25-LN -- Black $0.25/Foot
#26-LN -- Rose Pink $0.25/Foot
#27-LN -- Turquoise $0.25/Foot
#28-LN -- Kelly Green $0.25/Foot
#29-LN -- Acid Maroon $0.25/Foot