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Rawhide Lace & String

Rawhide Lace & String

We are proud to offer this quality rawhide braiding string from none other than Bill Confer. Bill has provided gorgeous hides to rawhide braiders for years and his pre-cut string is equally as nice. Note: This lace is not beveled, however, you could easily do so on your own beveler if you desire.

This is a natural unbleached product and variations in hide colors will occur, ranging from more golden to darker. Other widths and lengths (not shown) are available by special request.

This product is handmade by one person, therefore, there may be a wait time of 2-3 weeks if lace is not in stock.



#RS-16/50 -- 1/16" x 50' Fine Calf Lace $27.50/Each
#RS-32/50 -- 3/32" x 50' Fine Calf Lace (out of stock-till further notice) $27.50/Each
#RS-18/50 -- 1/8" x 50' Fine Calf Lace (out of stock-till further notice) $27.50/Each
#RS-14/50 -- 1/4" x 50' Cow String $41.50/Each
#RS-14/100 -- 1/4" x 100' Cow String (special order only-approx 3 weeks) (unavailable-till further notice) $83.00/Each
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