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Rawhide Lace & String

Rawhide Lace & String

We are proud to offer this quality rawhide braiding string from none other than Bill Confer. Bill has provided gorgeous hides to rawhide braiders for years and his pre-cut string is equally as nice. Note: This lace is not beveled, however, you could easily do so on your own beveler if you desire.

This is a natural unbleached product and variations in hide colors will occur, ranging from more golden to darker.

This product is handmade by one person, therefore, there may be a wait time of 2-3 weeks if lace is not in stock.



#RS-16/50 -- 1/16" x 50' Fine Calf Lace $27.50/Each
#RS-32/50 -- 3/32" x 50' Fine Calf Lace $27.50/Each
#RS-18/50 -- 1/8" x 50' Fine Calf Lace (OUT OF STOCK) $27.50/Each
#RS-14/50 -- 1/4" x 50' Cow String (OUT OF STOCK) $41.50/Each
#RS-14/100 -- 1/4" x 100' Cow String (special order only-approx 3 weeks) $83.00/Each
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