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650 Paracord, Parachute Cord, Paraline

650 Paracord, Parachute Cord, Paraline

Super quality (US Made) 650 nylon parachute cord (aka paraline, paracord) with nice body. Averages approx. 3/16" in diameter with four inner filler cords and has a 400 lb or better breaking strength (according to manufacturer). This is the same cord we've been selling since 1996 and is not to be confused with the smaller diameter 550 paraline. Note: We do not sell coreless paracord, but a person can remove the filler if desired.

Perfect for all your braiding needs—whether it be horse gear, nylon whips, bracelets, you name it! Paracord requires pre-shrinking before you cut or braid it (see below).

Comment ~
"I tried ordering already de-cored paracord from another supplier, and I ended up unable to use it. The flat-ness was nice and not having to remove the core was convenient, but the cord itself was inconsistent and had some normal feeling sections and some extra stiff and starched, almost hard sections. I've always been so happy with the consistency of u-braid-it's cord - it's perfect for braiding the thongs of our performance nylon whips, and it's the only type of paracord you'll find in our workshop now!" Lauren Wickline of Midwest Whips

Paracord — The Shrinkage Factor
It is worthwhile to note that parachute cord will shrink if it gets wet (approximately 10% to 12% for black and kelly green). To avoid the heartache of items being drastically reduced in size or the appearance of an uneven braid, we recommend pre-shrinking all of the cord before braiding. Note: It is the inner filler cord that shrinks, therefore it is not necessary to pre-shrink when filler cord is removed.

Here's How
Do not attempt to shrink cord on the spool. Cut to desired length with the pre-shrink formula above beforehand. Soak the cord in hot water, making sure it is thoroughly saturated for approximately 5 minutes. Wring out well. Use a clothes dryer, or lay it on a towel to dry. Note: To prevent tangling, tie the cord and put it in a garment bag before placing it in the dryer.


#PC50 -- 50 Foot Hank $5.00/50'
#PC100 -- 100 Foot Hank $10.00/100'
#PC500 -- 500 Foot Spool $34.00/500'
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