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1/4" Stiff Nylon Diamond Braid

We loooove this rope! Slightly stiffer than our 5/16" nylon rope. A favorite among clinicians and those desiring less bulk, yet effective communication.

• Widely used for halters and bitless bridles.
• Gentle, yet effective for training and handling.
• Diamond braid marine grade nylon made to our specs in the USA.
• 1450 lb. tensile strength.

Note: This rope is not recommended for foals. It can be a challenge to work with and may not be a good starter rope for the beginner halter tier. Try our soft rope instead.

#50-SN -- Black (25') $10.00/25'
#53-SN -- Imperial Red (25') $10.00/25'
#55-SN -- Neon Pink (25') $10.00/25'
#56-SN -- Turquoise (25') $10.00/25'
#59-SN -- Pink Serape (25') $10.00/25'
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