5/16" Medium/Firm Nylon Diamond Braid

A favorite among clinicians desiring a halter with a bit more substance than our 1/4" ropes. Purchase our Rope Halter Instructions and you're in business.

• Widely used for halters, bitless bridles and even show mecates.
• Gentle, yet effective for training and handling.

• Diamond braid marine grade nylon made to our specs in the USA.
• 2100 lb. tensile strength.

Note: This rope is not recommended for foals. It can be a challenge to work with and may not be a good starter rope for the beginner halter tier. Try our soft nylon instead.

Rope samples for purchase here.

Sorry halter rope is available by the foot only, not the reel. No returns are allowed on rope sold by the foot. If in doubt, please order samples.

#64-DB -- Neon Green $0.40/Foot
#68-DB -- Black $0.40/Foot
#69-DB -- Dark Brown $0.40/Foot
#72-DB -- Imperial Red $0.40/Foot
#77-DB -- Royal $0.40/Foot
#78-DB -- Midnight Blue $0.40/Foot
#79-DB -- Turquoise $0.40/Foot
#80-DB -- Silver Diamonds $0.40/Foot
#81-DB -- Night Sky $0.40/Foot
#82-DB -- Teton $0.40/Foot