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Roper Style Cinch Spreaders

Roper Style Cinch Spreaders

Rebecca designed these cinch spreaders to make weaving the middle on the double woven roper cinches easier. Eliminates mistakes by holding the cord in place while you weave. No dangerous nails to snag your yarn, or injure yourself. Note: The spreader is not needed for the 17 strand or other single strand cinch.

Simply place the spreader under the cinch at an appropriate distance from the middle and arrange your cords according to the width desired within the 23 slots. The spreaders rest securely on top of the frame and utilize rubber bands for quick and easy attachment.

Proudly handcrafted of select hardwood in the beautiful state of Tennessee by our own master woodworker.

Two are included. Watch the video here.


#ST-05 -- $20.00

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