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100% Alpaca Cinch Cord 2 Ply

100% Alpaca Cinch Cord 2 Ply

We are very pleased to add Alpaca to our line of fine cinch cords. It has been reported by a well known cinch maker that Alpaca wears incredibly well, and yet it's even softer than mohair. An amazing fiber from an exotic creature. Note: The natural white is whiter than the natural mohair. The 2 ply is a little bigger round than the 2 ply mohair.

What size should I select for my project, the 8 ply or 2 ply?
(See Note above)
The 2 ply is approx. 1/8" round. It is commonly used for the decorative weaving on cinches, as well as mecates and reins. The 8 ply is approx. 1/4" and is used for the body of the cinch, breastcollars, reins or mecates. The size you choose for mecates and reins depends mainly on the number of strands you will braid and whether you prefer a finer or heftier look.

We wish to thank Akasha Alpacas for the enjoyable farm visit.

#ALP-2P50 -- 50 Foot Hank $9.00/50'
#ALP-2P100 -- 100 Foot Hank $18.00/100'
#ALP-2P250 -- 250 Foot Hank $45.00/250'
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