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Selma Rope Splicing Fids

Selma Rope Splicing Fids

(Patented) The only tool specifically designed for creating easy eye splices on double braid, hollow braid and three stranded rope.

Sorry, the fids come to us without instructions. See our Eye Spliced Lead for instructions on eye splicing double braid rope.

Note: Rope must be the exact size as fid to work correctly (ex. 1/4" fid for 1/4" rope, 1/2" fid for 1/2" rope).

#18-BT -- 3/16" (#4) $9.75/Each
#19-BT -- 1/4" (#5.5) $10.75/Each
#20-BT -- 1/2" (#10) $19.75/Each
#21-BT -- 5/8" (#13) $26.75/Each
#22-BT -- Set of five fids (Includes all of the above, plus one 5/16 $71.75/Each
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