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Selma Rope Splicing Fids

Selma Rope Splicing Fids

(Patented) The only tool specifically designed for creating easy eye splices on double braid, hollow braid and three stranded rope.

Note: Rope must be the exact size as fid to work correctly (ex. 1/4" fid for 1/4" rope, 1/2" fid for 1/2" rope). Does not include instructions, however, YouTube is a good resource for splicing information.

#18-BT -- 3/16" (#4) $9.75/Each
#19-BT -- 1/4" (#5.5) $10.75/Each
#20-BT -- 1/2" (#10) $19.75/Each
#21-BT -- 5/8" (#13) $26.75/Each
#22-BT -- Set of five fids (Includes all of the above, plus one 5/16 $71.75/Each
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