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You can never have too many hemostats while braiding and cinch making. We prefer them for the following applications:

• Kelly (straight or curved) ~ Burying ends and clamping cords.
• Crile ~ The longer nose works well for clamping the mohair while stringing and burying the ends of the double woven cinch.
• Curved Kelly Mosquito ~ Ideal for paracord knot work and burying the ends on cinches.

No vet kit should be without them!

#1-BT -- Straight Kelly Hemostat (1-1/2" Nose) $6.00/Each
#2-BT -- Crile Hemostat (2" Nose) $7.00/Each
#9-BT -- Curved Kelly Hemostat (1-1/2" Nose) $6.00/Each
#12-BT -- Curved Kelly Mosquito Hemostat (7/8" Nose) $5.50/Each
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