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Silver Ferrules

Silver Ferrules

The possibilities are endless for these pretty handmade ferrules: from headstalls to reins, stampede strings to show dog leashes, and even jewelry.

Individually hand-crafted in N. America. Expect natural variations in product. Silver Overlay.

Diameter measurement is the inside width of hole.

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#SF-001 -- Mini Barrel (3/4" L x 1/8" hole diameter) $4.70/Each
#SF-002 -- Small Barrel (1" L x 1/4" hole diameter) (BO-ETA week of 9/11) $5.25/Each
#SF-003 -- Big Barrel (1-1/2 L x 1/4" hole diameter) $6.36/Each
#SF-004 -- Small Ball (3/8" L x 1/4" hole diameter) $5.25/Each
#SF-005 -- Big Ball (5/8" L x 5/16" hole diameter) $6.36/Each
#SF-006 -- Tube Straight (1" L x 1/4" hole diameter) $5.25/Each
#SF-007 -- Small Ball #2 (7/16" L x 5/16" hole diameter) $5.25/Each
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