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Cowgirl 3-In-1 Cinch Weaving Frame

Cowgirl 3-In-1 Cinch Weaving Frame

If you're serious about cinch making, this mother of all weaving frames is a must!

When I taught myself cinch making decades ago, I used what was available at the time—a simple board with two nails. It was primitive and not ideal. After much frustration, I decided that a professional tool was essential. Fast forward 15 years and my first cinch weaving frame was developed, which eventually led to the invention of two more styles of weaving frames.

With the increasing popularity of cinch making among women, it became apparent that a new tool was needed; a weaving frame that was capable of much more. Thus was born The Cowgirl 3-in-1 Cinch Weaving Frame. It’s a regular frame, a long frame and a mini lap frame (perfect for smaller cinches up to 32" and breast collars), all in one clever design. I truly do hope you will love your new tool as much as I do. Rebecca Morgan-Albertson

Proudly handcrafted of select hardwoods in the beautiful state of Tennessee by our own master woodworker. Each tool has its own identifiable serial number. Minimal assembly required.

• Endorsed by Cielo Cinches.
• Recommended for cowboys too!




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#ST07 -- $360.00

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